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            1. IFE ELEVATORS CO., LTD.
              IFE ELEVATORS CO., LTD.
              Solutions Of IFE Elevator

              Solutions Of IFE Elevator

              Why Choose IFE Elevator

              Won the global authoritative certification to meet the highest international standards.

              lift elevator company

              The number of global high-speed elevator projects of Chinese brands is far ahead.

              lift elevator cost

              The world's first Singapore national elevator with more than 1,000 units in a single project.

              lift elevator suppliers

              The first Chinese elevator brand for commercial use of 10m/s ultra-high-speed elevators.

              buy lift elevator

              Ranked No. 1 in exports for many years in a row, and the elevator brand that exports the most ultra-high-speed elevators above 3m/s.

              escalator and elevator companies


              Residential project developers and owners expect us to provide transportation solutions that are safe, comfortable, pleasing to the eye, efficient in operation, energy-saving and environmentally friendly.
              escalator service


              During rush hour, our elevators and escalators operate at maximum efficiency. When the passenger flow decreases, the energy consumption of these devices will also be reduced accordingly, so as to make the best use of everything. In addition, we offer you flexible choices in terms of design, car size and control options.
              commercial escalator
              Public Transport
              The escalator series and moving sidewalk public transport escalators are another masterpiece of IFE Elevator following the launch of the GRACES series of ordinary escalators. This public transport escalator is suitable for airports, stations and other public transport areas with a large flow of people.
              moving walk escalator
              Industrial Park
              Express Elevator-the service expert of vertical transportation solutions in smart industrial parks. Based on the future trend, IFE Elevator has successively provided precise positioning and functional supporting elevator services for many partners to meet the core driving force of the building and become a powerful engine for the new era park.
              walk escalator


              Specially designed for hospitals, elevator solutions operate safely, smoothly and reliably, with a robust set of standard features to ensure optimal performance in situations where patient transport needs are high.
              moving walks and ramps


              IFE Elevator is an expert in high-end customized solutions for home elevators. Good design never sticks to tradition, but only provides a more comfortable space for life.

              What IFE Clients Say

              escalators manufacturer

              Doing business with IFE means getting a good quality and safe product at a good price.

              They are ethical and supportive of their customers and vendors.

              escalators company
              Costa Rica

              The experience with IFE has been excellent, their product is good, their installation process easy, and most importantly the CRTL system is very stable and intuitive.  The attention is very good, they care about meeting our requirements!!

              escalators fo sale

              In recent years, working with Ascensores IFE has become easier. IFE's advances have allowed us to cover an entire market with different elevator options: with machine room, without machine room, panoramic, single-phase, etc. It allows us to supply the market in its entirety with any requirement of our clients and with the guarantee and quality that IFE always offers us. We hope to expand the IFE brand throughout the Dominican Republic and establish it as one of the leading brands in this market.

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