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            1. IFE ELEVATORS CO., LTD.
              IFE ELEVATORS CO., LTD.

              2022 Egypt's Five Industry Building Materials Exhibition | IFE Elevator Surprises the World Again

              Under the epidemic situation, the four day 2022 Egypt's five major industrial building materials exhibition The Big 5 Construction Egypt was held in Cairo Al Hay Al Asher, Egypt, on June 25, as scheduled. The exhibition area was 35000 square meters, the number of visitors reached 30000, and the number of exhibitors and brands reached 800.

              The Big 5 Construction Egypt is an influential exhibition in the building materials industry in Africa and one of the top exhibitions of elevators and escalators. The agents of IFE Elevator in Egypt also participated in the event.

              The Big 5 Construction Egypt

              Top level event, gestating huge business opportunities

              The organizer of The Big 5 Construction Egypt has held the world's most successful and influential building materials exhibitions, such as five major industry exhibitions in Saudi Arabia and five major industry exhibitions in Kuwait. These exhibitions are of great significance to exhibitors. They can directly connect with architects, interior designers, engineers, contractors and real estate developers.

              Top level event, gestating huge business opportunities

              In terms of the world, Egypt is an important construction market, which has become a major contributor to Egypt's GDP growth except for tourism. The five major industry building materials exhibitions in Egypt gathered influential decision-makers, innovators and suppliers from Egypt and surrounding markets, providing an opportunity for business negotiation and trading in the four-day exhibition.

              IFE Elevator, Building Industrial Future with Strength

              This is not the first time that IFE Elevator has participated in an international grand exhibition. In recent years, as a national brand, IFE Elevator has appeared in major international exhibitions time and time again, which has become an important force to participate in international competition and compete with foreign brands on behalf of Chinese elevator brands, and the image of "a globally trusted Chinese elevator brand" has been deeply rooted in the hearts of people.

              In 2017, it made a wonderful appearance in Indonesia International Elevator Exhibition; 2018, participated in China International Elevator Exhibition; In 2019, he appeared at the International Building Materials Exhibition held in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. A while ago, I was honored at the 2022 Iraq International Architecture Exhibition (Construction Iraq)

              In this exhibition, the booth of IFE Elevator agents attracted many people who came to the exhibition. After observing the high-quality product design and precise manufacturing technology of IFE Elevator in person, all of these people praised the manufacturing technology of IFEElevator products. Just as the market feedback, IFE left a positive and positive impression while growing and expanding.

              Elevators Price

              In addition to the booth, the relevant responsible person of the participating agent of IFE Elevator also participated in the concurrent exhibition forum, and shared the great breakthrough of IFE Elevator in technology and the benchmark project cases for various countries to the industry people from all over the world. For example, the HDB project, a super elevator project for Xinjiapo, helped Bangladesh reconstruct the urban rail transit pattern and successfully delivered the Philippine government level transportation rail project

              Types Of Elevators

              Buy Elevators

              Through sharing, the IFE story of the national elevator brand will be conveyed to more people, so that more people in the world can see the technology and manufacturing power of the Chinese national brand, and make the Chinese brand more brilliant on the world stage.

              After 35 years of precipitation, IFE elevator products are sold to more than 35 countries and regions around the world. By participating in The Big 5 Construction Egypt, the five major industry building materials exhibition in Egypt, IFE Elevator perfectly presents the latest technology applications and benchmarking projects to decision-makers in Egypt and the wider African continent, opens the door for IFE Elevator to develop a wider market and jointly casts the future of Egypt's industry with the industry.

              The spirit of craftsman makes Chinese manufacturing shine

              Once upon a time, "Made in China" was labeled as low value and low price, while "IFE Elevator" took 35 years to break the cocoon and become a butterfly. It used technology to lead product upgrading, use services to gain trust, use expertise to create efficiency, and use "China speed" to set off the industry tide again and again, writing a great chapter on the world dance stage.

              From the moment of embarking on the global journey, IFE Elevator has been "out of control". It has opened up international markets such as Australia, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates and Russia in the global field, showing the charm of China's national elevator brand to the world.

              China Elevators

              And behind these highlights, the craftsmanship spirit of IFE people is condensed. Although the traditional craftsmanship spirit has faded out of the historical perspective in the process of transformation from agricultural civilization to industrial civilization, the craftsmanship spirit has become more and more attractive through time and space by adhering to the quality of focus and the innovative concept of innovation. It is this craftsmanship spirit that makes the national elevator brand shine in the overseas market

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